Knowing Love

You promise not to fall in love with someone online to avoid the pain that you might cause. You brought yourself into a dating site hoping to find someone that could change your life. Paid and spent your money just to find a date that would match your taste, choose and get to know every person that caught your attention. There are huge of ladies on a dating site that comes from different places in the world, different races, beauties and abilities you’ll never know who among them are destined for you, you never know who could make a big difference in your life, good or bad.

Why are you on a dating site anyway? We broaden our search because we are tired of having a relationship from the people in our own place, we have seen some friends of ours who have a happy life with someone who has a different race than ours so we think that it is possible for us to find the right person and have a happy life. There’s a lot of relationship that been build through the process of internet some could have a happy ending, others could not. It can be harrowing or treasured experiences; but when it comes to love it’s all about risk. We risk for happiness, we stumble and fall but one thing we know for sure there’s always a joy waiting for us at the end of the crossroad.

It could not be a lonely life but you know that there’s something missing and that is love, a love which comes from the person that you have been dreaming to have. You keep on telling yourself that you should follow the rules that you have set in life, especially when it comes to your heart. Every person has a perfect plan to each life that they wish to have, like me I was wishing to have a happy relationship with my first love, I risk everything for that love, I always believe that I should not hold back for it, I don’t want to regret in the future for not giving everything at least I’ve tried. Each time I woke up I adored how beautiful it is being loved, rainbows seems to be everywhere to me but each colors has its own thorn. Due to my amusement to its beautiful colors I didn’t recognize those thorns until one morning while I was watching in the mirror I saw different gashes to myself and suddenly I feel pain, a severe pain that I never thought I could manage, but then I found a love from the internet and that love heal all those gashes and assured me to never have those again. Without that love I don’t think I will ever moved forward, I might still been trapped with my first love, then again I was completely in love without considering the fact that loving a person from the different side of the world may lead me to pain again. Distance may not be the hindrance but how about the time that they might possibly see each other personally? It’s was the worse time in my life, I’ve cried for so many nights, first I cried because I was so happy to finally hold his hands but the following tears was offered to the pain I have in my heart hearing personally that his heart beats to two woman. I go on for that love knowing that I am not alone in his heart but one cold night I found out that he chose to go back to his world and be with the woman that he chose to love. Love causes me too much pain but love made me forgiving; love can also make us blind, insensitive and selfish. We will never know that unless we’ve open our heart and mind, one moment in our life we feel like we are the happiest person but after that happiness there comes the sadness that leads us to a misery. After all the sorrows and pain that love have caused me it didn’t give me the reason to regret for love, it taught so many lessons and one of them was to never regret for it. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world, life is so precious to give up so easily. If we forced everything to happen and not just let it happen accordingly it may ruin our life; be contented to what you have and appreciate it. God has his own plan for us and he knows when is the best time for us to have the love that we wanted all we need is to trust God and the rest will happen according to his perfect timing and plan.

Love is love, distance will never be a hindrance not unless you have no God.


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