Letter to God

A Letter To God

Dear God,

In every trials I had in my life I cursed you; For all the pain, I wished that I have no heart for me not feel it. Every time I suffer, I keep on blaming you. I never wanted to go closed to you because I am afraid that my life will get more messy and worse. I never had the chance to see how great and how amazing you are that in spite of how much I hated you and how I wanted to get rid of you, you’re still there loved me unconditionally and took care of me.

Many years that I lived my life without you, a life that is full of emptiness. Strive for all the dreams that I want and never look back or think of you. Dreams and ambitions was my God and I value them rather than you. I was able to acquire some of my dreams and I should be happy but every dream I acquired was seem to be unfulfilling, where it should not be.

I owe you a lot of confessions, I owe you too much time and I owe you all my life and I regretted it the most that I was not able to give it all to you that time. Lord my heart is breaking every time I think of it, when I think of how cruel I was. I want to thank you O’Lord for not leaving me and for not giving up on me during those times. Thank you also for this life now that you have given me, thank you for renewing my life and spirit, for fixing my heart and for all the unconditional love, you gave. Here I am now father giving all my love to you and wishing that I could still make it up to you and live a life that is pleasing to your eyes forever.

Please accept my love Father.


Your Daughter


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