A Born-Achiever

So many children are born into poverty thinking they are bound to the same fate as their parents. But there are those who refuse to accept the obvious but strive for something better.   12-year-old Shena’s definitely not settling for poverty all her life.    “Gusto kong hindi na magwork si mama sa malayo para magka sama-sama na kami. Gusto ko din na makapag-aral ang mga kapatid ko, susuportahan ko sila pag nakatapos na ako. Gusto kong maging office clerk! Gusto kong mag-suot ng pang-executive at humarap sa computer.”– at her young age, Shena has already set clear goals and she’s working hard determined to achieve them. 

Life hasn’t been easy for her; she was only in kindergarten when her father died and the family was forced to move to the province of Missamis hoping to find a new start. Yet, things didn’t go as planned. Not long after, her mother had to return to Manila as a household helper to sustain the family. Shena and her siblings were left with their grandmother.
“Nami-miss namin si mama araw-araw. Sana kasama namin siya, pero naiintindihan ko kung bakit kailangan niyang malayo sa amin,” Shena confides.
All these events in her life only made her stronger. Shena is a consistent 1st honor since grade 1, not to mention other extra-curricular activities she excels in.
Shena is set to graduate from elementary on April as Valedictorian— all her hard work is finally paying off!
“Inspirasyon ko ang pamilya ko sa aking mga achievements sa school,” she emphasizes.
In 2005, World Vision came to their community in Missamis enlisting students for its Child Sponsorship Program. She was in grade 1 when she was enlisted and linked to her sponsor. Since then, she has received support for education, healthcare, and community assistance— that’s when she began to realize she could be so much more.
“Nawala man si papa pero dumating naman ang World Vision sa pamilya namin. Nakaka-inspire din ang tulong na pina-aabot ng sponsor ko,” she shares.
Shena flew to Manila to attend World Vision’s “Flying High” graduation rites. It is her first time to ride a plane. Shena is only one of 2,000 students ready to graduate through the help of World Vision and their sponsors– all of them with their own stories to tell.


for more inspiring stories visit :http://www.worldvision.org.ph/stories/born-achiever

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