MIMAROPA is one of the archipelago’s most famous and profitable regions because of its abundance of environmental beauty and natural produce. The youngest among the 17 administrative regions in the Philippines, it was made separate for fair distribution of wealth among the provinces.

Regional center: Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro

Area: 12,559.8 km²

Languages: Tagalog, Romblomanon, Asi, Onhan, and languages spoken by Mangyans

Region IV-B consists of five provinces:

  • MIndoro Occidental – The Marine Wonderland
  • MIndoro Oriental – Beautiful Bountiful
  • MArinduque – Beyond Moriones
  • ROmblon – Islands of Gem and Charm
  • PAlawan – The Philippines’ Last Frontier


The region’s economy relies mostly on agriculture, fishing and ecotourism, making it one of the strongest in the country. MIMAROPA is one of the Philippine’s top producers of rice, banana, coconut, mango, cashew, papaya and cassava, which are included among the country’s top export products.

The region is the second top fish producer in the country, and its output makes up almost 14% of the Philippine’s total produce annually from 2002-2004. MIMAROPA also ranks as the second top producer of seaweeds, representing 21% of the country’s total output.

MIMAROPA is one of the busiest regions in terms of tourism, cornering more than its fair share of the total number of tourists that visit the country. The region is home to Palawan’s serene tropical beauty as well as Puerto Galera’s beautiful sunsets and vibrant party scene. Tourists who are looking for a rich dose of history and religion flock to Marinduque, the country’s Lenten capital, where the famous Moriones festival is held every year. Divers from all over the world seek the marine wonders of Occidental Mindoro’s Apo Reef. Mountain climbers will delight in exploring the challenging terrains of Romblon’s Mt. Guiting-Guiting, as well as the province’s unexplored and unspoiled beaches.



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