Western Visayas – Region VI

BORACAY - Western Visayas (Region VI)

Western Visayas – Region VI consists of seven provinces, namely, Aklan, Antique, Negros Occidental, Capiz, Guimaras, Iloilo and Palawan and 17 cities making it the region with the most number of cities. Iloilo City is the regional center of the region.

Regional center: Iloilo City

Population: 5,193,889

  • Density 146.9 per km²

Area: 35,351.3 km²


  • Provinces: 7
  • Cities: 17
  • Municipalities: 140
  • Barangays: 4,482
  • Cong. districts: 18

Languages: Hiligaynon, Kinaray-a, Aklanon, Palawano, others

The Provinces and the cities:


  • Aklan/Kalibo/451,314
  • Antique/San Jose/471,088
  • Capiz/Roxas City/654,156
  • Guimaras/Jordan/141,450
  • Iloilo/Iloilo City/1,925,002
  • Negros Occidental/Bacolod City/2,565,723
  • Palawan/Puerto Princesa City/755,412
  • Bacolod City/—/429,076
  • Iloilo City/—/365,820

Bacolod City and Iloilo City are highly urbanized cities; figures are excluded from Negros Occidental and Iloilo respectively.

Western Visayas – Region VI topography is characterized by relatively wide stretches of coastal lowlands with rugged hills and mountains in the interior.


The region’s ethno linguistic people are called Panay-Hiligaynons (Ilonggos, Aklanons, Capiceños, Antiqueños and Negrenses).


The province has no pronounced climate. It has a short dry season and is relatively wet the rest of the year.


Region VI is an agricultural region with an area of around 1.05 M hectares or 52% of the total land area. 35.4% of this is riceland. The region also produces sugar, coconut, banana, fruits, root crops and vegetables.

It is one of the top food producers in the country. It is the largest producer of sugar, 63% of the total sugar produced in 1996. In 1996, it was the third largest rice producer among the regions, third ranking marine fish producer, and fourth largest aquaculture supplier.


Western Visayas is one of the richest regions in the country in terms of natural resources. Its forests however have been denuded due to indiscriminate logging. Its waters abound with numerous species of fish and other marine products. Mineral resources include copper, gold, silver, clay, limestone, coal, sand and gravel and other non-metallic.

It is a key fisheries development area, with its 84 coastal municipalities, eight major fishing grounds, inland bodies of water and 43,050 hectares of fishponds.


The major economic activities of the region are farming, sugar, rice and corn milling, fishing, mining and trading. Forward and backward integration in production, processing or marketing are good areas for investment. Other important industries include livestock and poultry raising and cottage industries such as rattan craft, food preservation, ceramics and confectionery manufacturing.

The region has a competitive advantage in the production of seaweeds, mangoes, pineapple, banana and cashew.


The major trading and commercial centers of Western Visayas are the cities of Bacolod, Bago, Cadiz, La Carlota, San Carlos and Silay in Negros Occidental; Iloilo City in Iloilo; Roxas City in Capiz; San Jose in Antique and Kalibo in Aklan.

Metropolitan Iloilo, composed of Iloilo city and the municipalities of Oton, San Miguel, Pavia and Leganes, is planned to be the center for residential, commercial, financial and industrial activities for the region.


The road network of Panay is almost 2,000 kilometers. Iloilo has the longest stretch of paved roads. The region has several seaports and airports for both water and air travel. Telephone, postal and telegraphic services are available. Electricity and water supply are accessible to the population.



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