Batanes Attractions

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Hedgegrows on Batan Island


This is where the capital town of Basco is located along with three municipalities, blessed with natural rolling hills of Na-idi and Payaman, quilt-like designs of hillsides on Basco and Mahato, which is purposely designed as windbreakers, property delineators, erosion control mechanism and habitat corridors, a spectacular view in the island you should never fail to see.

• Vernacular homes

Vernacular Homes

Traditional row of stone houses, built during the Spanish era in the villages of Savidug and Chavayan in Sabtang island; also found in Uyugan and Ivana in Batan island. It is a combination of Itbayat and European architecture, composed of thick lime & stone wall and several layers of cogons for roof, designed to withstand harsh calamities.

• Rakuh-a-Payaman known as “Marlboro Country”


It is called a “wide pasture” in English translation, a marvelous GOD’s creation, silent and awesome endless rolling hills and Pastureland of cattles & horses.

• House of Dakay

The House of Dakay

This is the oldest house in Batanes built around 18th century owned by the Estrella family and probably the most photographed house and one of the few last standing century old houses being used to date.

• Boulder beaches in Valugan and Chadpidan

Valogan Rock Bay

You can experience a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean from this side of the Island covered entirely by spherical boulders and smooth stones spewed from volcanic eruptions centuries ago. This is where also the thriving cultural practice called Kapayvanuvanwa is performed before the yearly start of fishing season.

•  Boat-shaped burial markers

The Boat-shaped Burial Marker

They can only be found in Batanes and are similar to sites found in Europe,dating back thousands of years ago, these are stones laid out in the shape of boats, a traditional way of honoring the dead of ancient Ivatans.

•  Honesty Coffee Shop

The Honesty Coffee Shop

A self-service store located in front of the Ivana church near the Radiwan Port, without a standby seller, it operates on the basis of honesty, including payment of goods. It has a breathtaking view of Sabtang Island.

•  Idjang in Savidug, Sabtang


It is a castle-like structures at the summit of a hill that served as settlements of ancient Ivatans against invaders and considered to be the most beautiful & perfectly shaped amongst the Batanes Idjangs.

•  Naidi Hills

Naidi Hills

Best spot to take a Basco sunset photo, it is an ancient settlement (2,500-1,500 years ago) near Basco covered by volcanic ash, also the site of American period wireless telegraphed facilities, it is also where the first lighthouse of Batanes was built.

•  Torongan Cave, Itbayat island

Torongan Cave

The most Ancient dwelling place of the first Ivatans, and believe to be the first landing place of the Autronesians from Taiwan.


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