Geographic Distribution

The Visayan languages are further divided into five subfamilies. The list below is by no means exhaustive. Asi, Surigaonon, and Cebuano constitute their own subfamilies.

Asi – spoken in towns on Tablas Island as well as the islands of Banton, Simara, and Maestro de Campo in Romblon province. It is known officially as Bantoanon language.

Cebuano – includes Boholano, Leytehanon and Mindanao Visayan dialects.

Surigaonon (including Jaun-Jaun). May be closest to Cebuano.[1]

Central Visayan – includes Hiligaynon, Waray-Waray, Romblomanon which includes Sibuyan various dialects of Cajidiocanon, San Fernando-Azagra Sibujanon and the Magdiwang-Espana Sibuyanon variety, Ati, Capiznon, Masbatenyo, Porohanon, the Bisakol languages of Sorsogon and Northern Samar, and others.

Western Visayan – includes Kinaray-a (the major language of Antique), Aklan languages (Aklanon, Malaynon), Onhan or Loocnon (Tablas), Caluyanon, Cuyonon, Ratagnon, and others.

Tausug – spoken in Jolo, Sulu; Palawan; Basilan; Tawi-Tawi; and Zamboanga City and environs. Also spoken in Indonesia (Kalimantan), and Malaysia (Sabah)


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