Bacarra Church & Bell Tower

Bacarra Church

The Bacarra Church together with its Bell Tower were constructed by the Spanish Augustinian Friars in 1593 and subsequently inaugurated in 1782. It was destroyed by the intensity 7.8 earthquake on August 1983 and reconstructed and once again inaugurated in August 1984. The image of the patron saint, San Andres, stands in front of his x-shaped cross in the central niche.

Bacarra Bell Tower

The Bacarra Bell Tower is located at the right side of the Roman Catholic Church. It was built in 1830’s and made up of coral blocks and stocco with an original height of fifty (50) meters and a three (3) storey with a wall of five (5) meters thickness. The earthquake wrecked it in 1931, which had caused the top most portions to tilt a little sideward on the right. The bell tower with its unusual elongated cupola, was built during the term of Fray Pedro Berger (1828-1848). It was made to stand a good distance from the church to reduce damage to the later in case the tower buckled during a tremor. Chunks of brick debris, hurtled down during earlier earthquakes practically at the foot of the church.

The bell tower, which is now in its advanced stage of dilapidation due to the effect of strong earthquakes, serves not only as a tourist attraction but also as a historical landmark of the painfull sacrifices of the ancestors of the Bacarenos who rendered forced labor under the Spanish conquerors.

The history of Bacarra revolves around its belltower. The belltower has been invariably referred to as “Torre Ti Bacarra” or simply “torre”, the local translation for tower.


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