A Thief!!!

I registered to globe supersurf50 as the indicated picture below it was confirmed at 11.06 in the morning


Now at 11:47 I received a message saying I already consumed 800mb wth?!


I did not even surf much yet, just log on to my messenger, facebook and google how would it consume 800mb for 41minutes?

I check in my statistics and the uploaded data was only 4.74mb while the downloaded data is 20.87 mb                


Now I called there customer service and the person who took my call told me that the message was under Globe Fair Use Policy, fair? How would it be fair for their subscribers if this is the case.. How would it be fair if they steal your time and money with their sneaky promos’. Told me to wait within the day so they could take action to my problem, 1% hope they will..I have been calling them a lot since I purchase my USB stick coz I have been experiencing too many problems, like saying 3.6mbps once it get connected but can’t even connect to yahoo, always got an error every time I connect it, disconnected every 5minutes none of it was given any immediate actions… all was just false promises.

This is just an example of how greedy the Filipino businesses are… took advantage of the small people who have no choice but to use their product, no one will going take any action because no one dares… I am sure it’s not only me alone who’s experiencing the same problem…too bad for me I am not a senator who can make noise of how sneaky they are.. I wonder if they would also keep on telling the influential people to wait for a day or 24hrs and would they allow that person to experience the same problem over and over again? Would they? I doubt! They have millions of subscribers all over the country and even abroad…If they will steal even a cent each day how much profit would they get from it? What a thief!

Globe – The plentiful subscribers, the shitty the services they provide.. more catchy promos yet the more sneaky they become…

If change is what thePhilippinesis looking look at those big companies first, we Filipinos are not blind, we Filipinos are not hypocrite..! Small business admires and look after those big ones and they should be a good example to them…if that’s how they exampled others then I’m sure there will be no change..

Change the country without bias! Without fear! & without hypocrisy!


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