Ilocos Sur

Ilocos Sur is a province of the Philippines located in the Ilocos Region in Luzon. The province is bounded on the north by Ilocos Norte and Abra, on the south by La Union; on the east by Benquet and Mountain Province and on the west by the China Sea. It has a total land area of 2,579.6 square km. The province of Ilocos Sur is politically subdivided into 34 municipalities and 761 barangays. The history of Ilocos Sur from the beginning of Spanish rule to the first decade of the 19th century was characterized by revolts in protest against tributes and forced labor, as well as monopolies of some industries.

The economy of Ilocos Sur is based on agriculture, producing a wide variety of vegetables, animals, and fish. Principal products are rice, corn, tobacco, garlic, sugarcane and cassava. They are expanding into a variety of food-processing industries, and also practice a number of crafts and cottage industries: blanketweaving, basketry, shellcraft, broommaking, pottery-making, wine and vinegar making, jewelry making, woodAdd an Image and stone craft, among others jars and antiques can also be bought in Vigan. Transportation services have been modernized, and tourism is now established.

Ilocano is the common dialect of the people. English and Pilipino are widely spoken and still remain as basic tools of instruction in schools. The province experiences two pronounced seasons – dry from November to April and wet from May to October. Mean temperature for the lowlands is greater than 7°C compared to the highlands. Coolest temperature occurs during December to February.



Class: Standard Hotel

Address: Liberation Boulevard, Vigan City

Tel. No.: +6377-722-6495

No. of rooms: 6

Contact Person: Ms. Julie Manahan

Facilities: Conference Hall, Parking Area, Cable TV



Room rates: (in Philippine Pesos)

      • Deluxe Single/Twin Sharing – 2,000.00
      • Standard Twin Sharing – 1,500.00
      • Standard Quad – 2,500.00
      • Standard for 3-5 Persons – 2,500.00
      • Deluxe Room for 3-6 Persons – 3,000.00
      • Family Room for 4-8 Persons – 4,000.00
      • Dormitory for 10 Persons – 5,500.00

Class: Standard Hotel

Address: Meña Crisologo Street, Plaza Burgos, Vigan City

Tel. No.: +6377-722-8552

No. of rooms: 29

Contact Person: Mr. Oscar Fuentes

Facilities: Mini bar, coffee shop, restaurant, parking


Class: Standard Hotel

Address: #29 Meña Crisologo Street, Plaza Burgos, Vigan City

Tel. No.: +6377-722-2727

No. of rooms: 25

Contact Person: Ms. Carmeling Crisologo

Facilities: Open Terrace, Function Hall, Restaurant, Cable TV, Hot and Cold Water



Class: Economy Hotel

Address: Quirino Street, Vigan City

Tel. No.: +6377-722-2994

No. of rooms: 31

Contact Person: Mr. Crisanto Bagay

Facilities: Swimming pool, Restaurant, Parking space, Function room


Class: Class A Resort

Address: Pug-os, Cabugao

Tel. No.: +63915-948-7717

No. of rooms: 17

Facilities: Picnic sheds (11), Conference Hall, Parking Space, Restaurant, Videoke Bar


Class: Tourist Inn

Address: Bonifacio Street, Vigan City

Tel. No.: +6377-722-2118

No. of rooms: 19

Contact Person: Mr. Jose Pasimio, Jr.

Facilities: Restaurant, Parking space


Class: Tourist Inn

Address: M. Crisologo Street, Vigan City

Tel. No.: +6377-722-2383

No. of rooms: 25

Contact Person: Ms. Florecita Aniceto

Facilities: Restaurant, Function Room, Parking Space


Class: Tourist Inn

Address: Bulag West, Bantay

Tel. No.: +6377-722-3008

No. of rooms: 27


Class: Tourist Inn

Address: 26 Mabini Street, Vigan City

Tel. No.: +6377-722-2964

No. of rooms: 11

Contact Person: Mr. Ramon Encarnacion

Facilities: Aircon, Parking area, Common toilet and bath, High pressure water,

Conference hall, Fresh air area with rocking chair


Class: Tourist Inn

Address: 26 Quirino Boulevard, Vigan City

Tel. No.: +6377-722-2914/ +632374-5184 (Manila Office)

No. of rooms: 6

Contact Person: Ms. Candy Versoza

Facilities: Restaurant, Function Room, Parking Space

Website: http://www.villangela.com


Room Rates: (in Philippine Pesos)

Low                        High                   Peak

    • Cuarto del Senor (2 pax, a/c, private T/B)

1,400.00           1,800.00            2,200.00

    • Cuarto de los Hijos (4 pax, a/c, common T/B, veranda)

1,800.00            2,200.00           2,800.00

    • Cuarto de las Hijas (4 pax, a/c private T/B)

2,200.00            2,600.00            3,200.00

    • Cuarto Pequeno (2 pax, fan-colled, common T/B)

700.00                1,000.00             1,300.00

    • Dormitoryo A (10 pax, double deck beds, a/c, private T/B)

3,500.00             4,500.00             6,000.00

    • Dormitoryo B (12 pax, double deck beds, a/c, private T/B)

4,200.00              5,400.00            7,200.00


Address: Pantay Daya, Vigan City Address: V. de los Reyes St., Vigan City

Tel. No.: +6377-722-2547 Tel. No.: +6377-722-2526


Address: Caoayan Address: # 8 de los Reyes St., Vigan City

Tel. No.: +6377-722-8284 Tel. No.: +6377-722-2926


Address: Bantay Address: Bongtolan, Vigan City

Tel. No.: +6377-722-4187 Tel. No.: +6377-722-3203


Address: Bonifacio St., Vigan City Address: Sulpec, Narvacan

Tel. No.: +6377-722-6528 Tel. No.: +6377-722-2722


Address: Pantay Daya, Vigan City Address: P. Burgos St., Vigan City

Tel. No.: +6377-722-3200 Tel. No.: +6377-722-1906

Low: June 15 - September 15
High: Rest of the year not within Low-Peak Season
Peak: January 1-7, December 20-31 and Holy Week


Historical Sites

  • Tirad Pass

    • Declared as a National Shrine, the pass located in the municipality of Gregorio del Pilar was the last stand of the Filipino Revolutionary Forces under General Emilio Aguinaldo. The Battle of Tirad Pass was led by the youngest Filipino General, Gregorio del Pilar.
  • Bessang Pass

    • A monument stands on this strategic gap, 5,250 feet above sea level traversed by Highway 4, west of Cervantes, which served as the backdoor to General Yamashita’s last ditch defense during the last stage of World War II. The Battle of Bessang Pass was won by the USAFIP, NL on June 14, 1945.
  • Sta. Maria Church

    • A National Landmark, this centuries-old church nestled atop a hill at the townproper of Sta. Maria was used as a fortress during the 1986 Revolution.
  • Northern Luzon Heroes Hill National Park
    • The park in Santa was the stronghold of Gabriela Silang, who continued the struggle for freedom from the Spaniards started by her slain husband, Diego Silang. A historical marker in her honor stands nearby.
  • San Esteban and Sulvec Watchtowers
    • These rotund structures were built as look-out points for impending pirates.

Cultural Heritage

  • National Museum – Padre Burgos House
    • The Burgos residence in Vigan houses the memorabilia of the martyr-priest Jose Burgos as well as Ilocano artifacts and ethnic arts of the Tinggians. The museum is open from Monday to Friday and by appointment on weekends and holidays. Museum hours are 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. then 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. Admission fee is P10.00 for adult and P5.00 for 12 years old and below.
  • Crisologo Museum
    • Located along delos Reyes Street in Vigan, the museum houses the memorabilia of the Crisologos and original furnishings of a typical Vigan ancestral house. The museum is open from Monday to Sunday and managed by the Crisologo family.
  • Magsingal Museum
    • A repository of Ilocano heritage featuring collections of pottery and porcelain artifacts. The museum is open from Monday to Friday and by appointment on weekends and holidays.
  • Ancestral Houses
    • Kamestizoan District in Vigan is replete with ancestral houses with ancient tile roofs, massive hardwood floorings, ballustrades and azoteas in varying Spanish-Mexican-Chinese architectural styles.
  • Archbishop’s Palace
    • The palace features sliding capiz windows and cut-out decorations with floral motiffs. Completed in 1793 after a span of 7 years, the palace has a collection of priceless ecclesiastical artifacts and relics from other Ilocos churches. Visits can be arranged from Monday to Friday.
  • Bantay Church
    • The church features earthquake baroque and Gothic-influenced architecture. Its belfry located a few meters away was used as a lookout point for approaching enemies.
  • Pagburnayan
    • The Ilocano jar called “burnay,” used for storing the local vinegar, local wine “basi,” and “bagoong” and as a decorative ware, is produced in factories using the pre-historic method in the southwestern end of Liberation Avenue in Vigan.

Natural Formations

  • Santiago Cove
    • A stretch of golden sand beach in Santiago with amenities for picnics and water sports.
  • Pinsal Falls
    • A favorite setting of many local films, Pinsal Falls features Angalo’s footprint, the legendary Ilocano giant. The falls is a few kilometers of rough road from the highway. Located at Barangay Babalasiwan, Sta. Maria. Other waterfalls in Ilocos Sur are CANIAW FALLS in Bantay, GAMBANG FALLS in Cervantes, AWASEN FALLS in Sigay and BARASIBIS in Sinait.
  • Pug-os Beach
    • Resthouses and picnic sheds are found in this nearly white sand beach in Cabugao.
  • Sulvec Beach
    • The rocky shore of Sulvec, Narvacan is a favorite stop of commuters and the locals. Nearby is the Narvacan Tourism Lodge.
  • Apatot Beach
    • This cove in San Esteban is frequented by picnic goers. During the last stage of World War II, US Submarines surfaced in the area to unload arms and supplies for the USAFIP, NL.
  • Candon Beach
    • The beach features amenities and facilities for visitors.

Religious Structures

  • St. Paul’s Metropolitan Cathedral (Vigan)
    • The massive structure was built by the Augustinians in the distinctive Ilocano earthquake-baroque architecture. The cathedral is the setting of many religious festivities attended by devotees from outside the province.
  • Sta. Lucia Church
    • The object of devotees who flock the church is the dark Virgin of Sta. Lucia, said to be miraculous. Barely 3 feet tall, the 18th century image is venerated all over the Ilocos.
  • Sinait Church
    • Enshrined in this century-old church is the 17th century image of the Black Nazarene found floating in a sealed casket along the coast of Sinait. Believed to have caused a miracle by aborting a plague that hit Vigan during the 18th century, the shrine is flocked by many to celebrate the feast of the Black Nazarene every 3rd day of May.

Man-Made Attractions

  • Sundial
    • Located in front of the Tagudin Municipal Hall, this sundial is one of the existing and still in use sundials built by the Spaniards in 1848.
  • Plaza Salcedo
    • Located west of St. Paul’s Metropolitan Cathedral is this elevated elliptical plaza highlighting the Salcedo Monument, known to be the oldest in the North.
  • Plaza Burgos
    • Another plaza in Vigan named in honor of the Ilocano-martyr priest Father Jose Burgos. Nearby are food stalls selling native delicacies such as the “empanada.”


  • Semana Santa
    • St. Paul’s Metropolitan Cathedral is the venue of religious rites during the Holy Week. The Good Friday procession features decorated carrozas bearing life-size statues of Spanish vintage. On Easter Sunday, the dawn celebration depicting the Resurrection of Christ, called “Sabet,” is a scene to behold.
  • Viva Vigan Arts and Industry Festival
    • Every first week of May, Vigan plays host to visitors for this festival featuring painting and product exhibits, a Calesa parade, and other cultural activities.

Special Interest

  • Trekking
    • The Municipality of Cervantes, home to Bessang Pass, offers a special trail and beautiful sceneries for trekking. A dozen and more waterfalls flow through its verdant mountains. Its terrain is predominantly hilly traversed by brooks and streams. One passes through pine forests, Japanese foxholes/dugouts, alpine grassland through highland meadows, and a variety of flora.
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